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Advanced Research Wellness Center Project


Project Scope

Clair Zimmerman (Owner of Advanced Research Wellness Center) was looking to expand what his reach and take some of his services and products online.

His goal was:

  1. Make his nutritional products accessible online
  2. Supplement his sales with online sales
  3. Create sales on auto-pilot

Before the project began:

  • The products were online but needed to be organized.
  • No sales were created.
  • Nothing was in place to have his site rank organically and produce results.

To achieve the goal the following was needed:

  • Small site improvements
  • Product organization
  • SEO research and implementation

Before & After

Before the project began, Advanced Research Wellness Center had no online sales. There were a few visitors coming to the site but nothing overly significant. The site was not ranking well on google. Overall there was little happening.

However once the products were organized and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was properly implemented sales started coming. In less than 18 months the sales totaled over $20,000. Most of these sales were in the last 6 months as it took the site some time to gain momentum. The site is off to an amazing start and will only grown from here out.

Analysis of Results

Note how the site traffic steadily grew from almost nothing in March 2017 to -/+ 750 in August 2017. That is a major percentage increase. That is about 1500% percent increase from April 2017 (approx 50/month) to August 2017 (approx 750/month). This increase was all from organic rankings.

But that was not all. The project resulted in more than site visits. It also got sales conversions. A total of 23,181.51. The great thing is that the number per months continues to rise. In fact the last 2 quarters in this graph are more than the rest combined.

Advanced Research Wellness Center is getting the results that they set out for namely sales on auto-pilot. The store has gotten a lot of organic traffic and the results are exciting. The future looks upbeat and the results breathe optimism.