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Esh’s Utility Buildings Project


Project Scope

Esh’s Utility Buildings wanted a marketing plan that 1) they didn’t have to manage and run 2) brought them sales.

Before the project started Esh’s Utility Buildings had:

  • An existing website that produced very little results
  • Branding
  • Some Photos

To achieve the goal the following was needed:

  • Site redesign
  • Marketing strategy
  • Photography and photo editing
  • SEO research
  • Paid Advertising

Before & After

When Amos Esh (Owner of Esh’s Utility Buildings) came to E-impact Marketing (The company who managed and still manages the project) in 2016, the website results were minimal. Amos indicated that in a year’s time he made a sale or two at the most from the website. But when the new site was launched his website traffic skyrocketed and he saw results immediately. In a conversation he said that he was doing a sale or two from the website every month. That is a major increase.

Analysis of Results

Note the difference between the left of the graph (the beginning of 2016) and the right of the graph (the end of 2016). The new website was launched in the beginning of the year. Immediately the website traffic exploded. A few months after the launch Esh was getting over 2000 hits on their website per month. Plus by the end of the year it was getting close to 3000 per month. That is a significant increase from at the most 200 hits per month.

The results were so significant that Amos had to ask E-impact Marketing to pull back a little. Note how the traffic increase at first then tapered off in the later part of the year. The reason is simple. The paid advertising was throttled down. Note the green line on the graph below where the “Paid Traffic” is at zero from August to November.

However the “Organic Traffic” (note the orange line on the graph) increased all the thru to August and then tapered off. This is normal in the shed industry as the high season is during the summer time. It wasn’t that the site was not performing. Rather it was that demand went down a little because of the time of year.

The increase in “Organic Traffic” was a result of significant amount of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that was done on the site as well as outside of the site.

Esh has been very happy with their site performance. This first year gave the company a solid foundation to continue marketing effectively and growing the business. The new website keeps performing well and making a big difference.

The change was a big step. Their marketing went from very little results to a big change and many more sales.