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Project Scope

Helpful Hands Handyman needed an upgrade to their website. They were looking for:

  1. More traffic to their site
  2. A site that does better at attracting visitors on the site
  3. More sales

Before the project began Helpful Hands Handyman had:

  • A desire to get a more solid online presence
  • A few photos
  • NO branding

To achieve the goal the following was needed:

  • Site redesign
  • Photo gathering
  • Photo editing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) research
  • Complete copy (text) for each page
  • Branding

Before & After

When the Helpful Hands Handyman project started the original website was getting very little traffic (analytics were not set up so solid data is not available and the site needed to be branded better.

After the upgrade customers commented on site design and how they liked it. Plus the site was position for growth and began to climb in the search rankings and bringing in more visitors. Site visits went from a few visitors in a month to a hundred a month.

Some paid advertising was used to supplement organic rankings but the majority of the visits were organic where people search for one of the key words the site was optimized around.

The best part was that the site increase sales significantly. In the later part of 2018, Timothy (the company owner) reported that Helpful Hands Handyman (a company of 3-5 employees) was doing double the sales that it had in the previous year. The new website was a huge part in making this happen.

Analysis of Results

Note how the website visits slowly grew from next to nothing to hundreds per month. For a handyman business this can be significant as one sale can be worth thousands of dollars depending on the project. The site visits should continue to grow as time goes on.

A big part of the traffic to the site was simply organic results. When the site was rebuilt a lot was put into get the site to rank organically. The effort paid off. The graph Google Analytics screenshot below shows how the site visits were not just paid ads or people typing in the direct URL. Site visitors found the site by searching for a specific keyword and then clicked on the Helpful Hands Handyman website when it showed up in the search results.

Note the extremely low bounce rate at 21.05%. That is extremely low and indicated that people were finding what they were looking for and stayed on the site for a notable amount of time. That means a lot of the people engaged with the content and turned into prospects.


More traffic to the site was not the only benefit of the site rebuild and continued work on it. Where it started with a redesign, SEO, more traffic it turned into more sales. Note what was said about it.

Before I hired Unlocked Marketing to do my marketing for me I had a website but it did not bring in the results that I wished for. I got some but not enough. I built the original site myself but I wanted more of a professional site and appearance. When Mr. King took over he gave it a fresh look. My customers at times comment on how they love the site and how it is easy to use. The best thing with the new site and the work that Unlocked Marketing has done is that in 2018 I approximately doubled my sales (in a company of 3-5 employees). About 35% of my sales come from the website which has been a big part of my company’s growth. I am very happy with the results and like the work that Unlocked Marketing is doing.


Timothy Lambright

Owner, Helpful Hands Handyman

It is exciting to see where this website will go. With some foundation things in place such as a solid design, better branding organic rankings, and sales conversions, it has a lot of potential. It is well on its way to bringing in sales and helping Helpful Hands Handyman reach it goals.