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Project Scope

The goal of the Master-Link Supply project was to 1) redesign the website and 2) optimize the site for on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What Superior Plastic Products (Master-Link Supply Corporate / Mother Company) had in supply at the beginning of the project was:

  • A general idea of what the site should look like
  • A general idea of what they want to achieve
  • Limited copy (text) for site
  • Photos
  • Overall branding

To achieve the goal the following was needed:

  • Site redesign
  • Site layout & product categorization
  • Photo editing
  • SEO research
  • Complete copy (text) for each page

Before & After

Before the site rebuild Master-Link Supply was getting next to nothing from their site. They had a simple page up but it needed to be redesigned for a better user experience and for better rankings in the search results.

After the site build the site was attractive and user friendly. Thus the goal to redesign was accomplished. Plus the site started to rank in the search engines organically. Almost overnight the site went from a measly -/+ 100 visitor per month to 800-900 per month. 

NO paid advertising was used. This was raw organic result simply from optimizing the web pages for better rankings.

Analysis of Results

Note the difference between before August and after. The site visits jumped up from -/+ 100 per month to -/+ 900 per month. That is a 900% increase in site visits. This happened even in the midst of the slow-down season. Chain link fence is in highest demand in May and June (Check Google Trends) and then tapers off until earlier in the year. But even in spite of the seasonal slump (see Seasonal Slump on photo) the site visit were still many times better than before the site rebuild.

No paid advertising was used in 2017 to bring traffic to the site. This was all organic traffic that was generated by ranking in the search engines.

Note the purple line on the graph below which represents the organic traffic. There was a quite a bit of direct traffic in the beginning but then that tapered off and the site pulled in a lot of organic traffic thru searching for keywords that the site was optimized around.

Note also the the Pageviews column (3rd column from the left) that it shows 4,522 page views from organic traffic. This was essentially in 4 months time and this was even after the seasonal slump was starting as mentioned above.

Another important thing to pay attention to is in the Sessions column (1st on the right) at the very bottom where it mentions the bounce rate. Note it is at 55%. While this could be improved over time it is still remarkable and means that 45% of the traffic that came to the site engaged with the content.

Here is what the folks at Superior Plastic Products (Master-Link Supply Corporate / Mother Company) said:

Before rebuilding the Master Link Supply website it was doing next to nothing. But when Elam joined our team he took it to the next level. We started getting lots of site visitors immediately. The site was much more pleasant to use. It displayed our products well. It was what we had been looking for. We appreciated Mr. King’s contribution. He was professional, extremely flexible, thinking out of the box and overall performed well and make a big difference in what he did.

Amos Kauffman

VP of Sales and Marketing, Superior Plastic Products

This new site build gave Master-Link Supply a better designed website and a site with better SEO. The result was more site visitors and and a better user experience.

Sometimes simple changes make huge differences. The site is growing and off to a great future.