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MYnb.Life Sales Funnel


Project Scope

The Goal of MyNB.Life was to launch their new product idea and begin selling services online

Before the project began there was a website and some preliminary work done, including:

  • A functioning website
  • A discovery survey (to find out what the market is looking for)
  • Branding

To achieve the goal the following was needed:

  • Integration of all tech (segmentation software, lead management system, email automation, tracking and payment processing)
  • Fine tuning of market messaging
  • Tweaks to website
  • Paid ad setup

Before & After

Before the project was launch Leslie (the founder of MyNB.life) was overwhelmed and unsure of how to put all the tech together and did not know how to run ads. Also she was needing someone to help her think and work through the process of setting up the sales funnel.

Within a month of beginning on the project the ads were running, traffic was going through the funnel, and leads were being generated.

Less than two months after launch MyNB.life the project generated over 150 leads and a first sale.

Analysis of Results

The cost per click on the ads was $0.54 with a total spend of $1270.

This is the LMS that shows the number of leads that came into the system via the bucket. The total comes out to 154. That does not include a few who unsubscribed which puts the number closer to 160 to be conservative.

Below are the number of the segmentation software where the number come to 191. However some of those were tests (approximately 20). That reduces the number to 171. This is slightly more than the LMS number. to go in between the two number comes out to 165 which is a fair number.

So with an ad cost of $1270 and divide that by 165 comes out to $7.69 per lead. Note that in the beginning the cost per lead was higher than toward the end of the 2 month project. The reason is that in the beginning there was a lot of tweaking and testing and the cost per lead decreased over time.

Note also the optin is at 35.5%. The Ask Method standard is 50%. While this is not satisfactory is it getting close. And the number did rize toward the end. Also the completion rate is 82.2%. The Ask Method standard is 90%. Again this is getting close.

Note the “POST-TESTING” and the “PRE-TESTING”. The results increase quite significantly as testing was done and tweaks were made.



This does not include all the lead generation. Only some in the beginning of the project and some later in the project. But note how the opt-ins increase by about 100%.


Approximately one month after starting the ads and driving traffic to the funnel, Leslie send me and exciting email. She had gotten here first sale.

This was exciting as Leslie had spend months working on her project.

Here is what she said about working with Unlocked Marketing. 


Before I got in contact with Unlocked Marketing, I felt alone in and overwhelmed about my project. I had put months of work and 1000s of dollars into it and still had not yet launched the project and begun to drive traffic to it. Elam joined me in the project and got the tech together and the results were: launching the project (i.e. driving traffic) generating over 150 leads, and producing the first sale in under 2 months. In that time he cut the cost per lead by approximately 30%. It has been a pleasure seeing what happened and a major weight off my shoulder to have taken these steps in such a short time. Elam is definitely results driven and does it in a professional manner. I always felt his genuine interest in the success of my business venture.

Leslie Brown

Founder, MyNB.life